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Theatre gold is for everyone who loves the theatre, movies and music, and have lots of wonderful theatre memories that have become a part of your lives and all the new ones into the future. Includes Reviews, Theatre Seat Plans for London and New York, Video Wall featuring old and new clips, Pictures Galleries, Showbiz News.

TheatreGold Memorabilia

Theatre gold is for everyone who loves the theatre and movies and music, lots of wonderful memories from the past that have become a part of your lives, if you would like to own something maybe a very small part of that show or movie you have come to the right place. offers you the chance to purchase many different items including Memorabilla,Theatre tickets, Movies, Books, OST original soundtracks (CD’s) we don’t go back enough for LP records or cassettes but don’t be surprised if they pop up from time to time.

Playbills also called Programs and of course Souvenir Brochures from plays, musicals and movies, posters and books everything to keep you happy for hours.”Theatre Gold” and “Theatre Tunes” are based in Australia and we sell and ship anywhere in the world. Theatre and Movie and entertainment Memorabilia is our great Passion. So Many wonderful things to collect, sometimes we come across the most amazing pieces it’s hard to believe they have survived the ravages of time.


Theatre Memorabilia
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